Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something New

It's amazing what you find out in the blog world. I had been seeing several blogs that had cute little signatures on their posts. So off I went to Google about it. So I came across this beautiful blog One Child at a Time and I thought what better way than to get a signature and do a good deed?

And then quick as a bunny, my new signature was done by Diana at Custom Blog Designs. Diana donates a portion of all her earnings to Starfish Foster Home for special need orphans in China. I just love the blog world -- it opens so many doors and puts you in touch of some amazing people.


Custom Blog Designs said...

It looks almost as good as that heart shaped cake just to the left in the sidebar!

Emiline said...

Cool! I like it.

Carla said...

Ooo I like! I should create one for myself.

Anj said...

Diana: Thanks again, I think it looks great.

Em: Glad you like it. I think it goes well with the beautiful banner you made me.

Carla: Glad you like it too! Go for it.