Saturday, June 20, 2009

Notes on Cooking

I was watching The View this week (well, I fast forward mostly as their talking over each other really is annoying sometimes). Anyway, they had the co-author of this book on the show, Lauren Costello. Just in the few tips she presented on the show, I am getting this book. When searching to order it I came upon the blog that they have which has even more tips. I think any cook would love this book as it really gives some great ideas. I love cookbooks, but this one has not one recipe in it, but it is filled with great tips that any cook would use.


Katy said...

I checked out their blog and it is so well written that I am interested in the book as well. Thanks for the tip!

Bellini Valli said...

Thanks for the tips Anj. I used to watch the view years ago, but of course it is on in prime time during the day here.

Anj said...

You're welcome, Katy. Glad you liked it.

Emily said...

I haven't heard of this cookbook. It sounds like a good one! Thanks for the tip.

I caught that episode of My Life on the D List. Now I'm so disappointed I didn't try a fried twinkie!

I really like Top Chef Masters, also! We need to chat about it sometime.