Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thank You Emiline!

So, you might notice a different title on my blog today. Thanks to the talents of Emiline at Sugar Plum who designed the title. I've been wanting to change the title and mentioned it to Em and she was so kind to design a few (look for a change once in a while). Thank Em!


Emiline said...

Yea! It looks great. I'm going to email you back.

Anna said...

It looks very slick!

Carla said...

Very nice title. I've been working on a new look for my blog too. Looks like the new year is a great time for a blog makeover for all of us. :) Have a great holiday!!

Anj said...

Emiline: Thanks to you it looks great. You're the best.

Anna: Thank you -- I think Emiline did a fantastic job!

Carla: Thanks, I love the new look too. Good luck on your changes and happy new year to you.